A Brief Recap of Skin Care from Your Thirties and Up

Following is a brief recap of what happens to your face as you age.  That is followed by the products I previously mentioned in other articles.

30’s- the main skin problems that start appearing are fine lines and age spots. Many also find that the skin under the eyes start to get baggy or dark circles start appearing. Also present could be occasional redness in skin or that dreaded ailment left over from puberty, acne.

40’s- hormonal changes, the skin retains less moisture and there is more pigment changes. The dreaded sagging starts to show itself which causes fine lines to become deeper. There is decreasing collagen and sensitivity starts making itself known even more.

50’ and Up- Your skin is now dryer in more places than ever before and those fine lines you had have gotten much deeper. The fifties also give in to gravity and the skin sags even further. Many fifty year olds also complain of dark circles under eyes even when they’ve never had them before.

My personal results will not be exactly what you experience as we all have different skin and not just skin types. This is just my results.

I personally have tried a variety of the products offered by Aveeno, RoC, Oil of Olay, L’Oreal, Neutrogena, Garnier and Alba. Most of the day moisturizers did nothing for me, but also did nothing to me. None seemed to bother my skin, which is a good thing. I did find that most of the day products were light unless they were made for those of us with some age in us. Those tended to be a real think cream that never seemed to be absorbed, no matter how much I tried rubbing it in. I tended to use these as a night cream, rub in for a while and then use a tissue to wipe of the excess.

The “lifting” products I’ve tried were Garnier and L’Oreal. They might lift your skin, didn’t do a thing to me.

As far as Alba, I like their suntan lotion.

As far as Meaningful Beauty, I think that the products that the stars used (as was advertised) had to be different from what I received. The products were kind of sticky and did nothing for me except make my face slightly flushed.

I am currently trying out Revlon’s cream for night and Eclos for day. The Revlon does seem to absorb in and it is really creamy. Too soon to tell if it’s going to work but I’m let you know. Hint: If you can’t find it in with the moisturizers, look for it where the Revlon make up is (I had to ask). Eclos is different, at least so far. It has a nice smell and seems to be readily absorbed. The wrinkles seem smaller but I’ll have to let you know on that one.

The two that I, personally, have not tried are Revitol and the one named Dermology. Now, I have heard great things about each of them, but I haven’t used them (at least not yet).  I just figured it would be easier to check out the ones that are readily available in the stores, and then move on to the ones that you have to order. Doesn’t mean  won’t try them, just haven’t yet.  If you would care to, just click on the link and it should take you to it.

If you’re thinking about the “Meaningful Beauty” system, yes I did order it. However, it was about a year ago and I haven’t read anything that says they’ve changed the formula. So, there you have it.


Products that were mentioned and their links that were shown. Just right click on any of the below and it will take you to their site.  Most of the products listed below can be purchased in stores.  The ones with a * after their name can only be ordered online.
Aveeno                               Oil of Olay                                  Meaningful Beauty                                 Alba Botanica

L’Oreal                              Revitol   *                                       Eclos                                                          Dermology  *

Garnier                             RoC                                               Neutrogena                                                 Revlon


Don’t forget to check out this  YouTube video for facial exercises.

Thank you so much for checking in with us and we hope you enjoyed your stay. Next time, I think we’ll try and discover the differences between sunless tanners.

Stay positive and feel free to check out the whole site!


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A Brief Recap of Skin Care from Your Thirties and Up

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