The Dreaded Wrinkle

Oh, that dreaded wrinkle. It’s that one thing that shows our age faster (or gasp!) even makes us look older than we actually are.

When we were younger, weren’t we warned about certain things that would make our skin age faster? Things like laying in the sun using just baby oil or how about using tanning beds every few days. And, how about smoking or even just hanging out in smoke filled rooms. We were warned, but did we listen? If you’re like me, nope. Were these experts (or mothers) right? At least in my case, yes.

Wrinkles are a fact of life. As we age, our skin becomes naturally less elastic and thus the sagging begins. The tanning, smoking etc. just makes the process begin much sooner than those who used sunscreen, never smoked and always used moisturizers. (Genetics also has a say in the matter but not so much in my case).

I can’t say I was perfect, I wasn’t. I may not have used baby oil, but I did use the coconut smelling oil and got fried many times. As for the rest, yep everything except tanning beds (fair skin-burns easy). So, being about half a century old along with the errors of my past, I have wrinkles.  Some days, it seems more than others.

So, what have I used? Just about everything under the sun. Some were bought at drug stores and others were ordered online. If it was advertised on t.v. I probably have tried it. Speaking of t.v., have you ever noticed that most of the wrinkle creams advertised on t.v. are “miracles” shown by some 30 year olds with nary a wrinkle in sight. Of course there are a few that are advertised by women “of age” but they’re far and few between and are just so creamy they’re greasy and just stay on top of the skin. (Yep, I’ve tried them and still have the jars to prove it.)

What about the fancy ones with the models and actresses that look as though they haven’t aged a bit? Those with extra special melons that stop and even reverse the aging process…Yep, tried that too. Didn’t do a thing.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Just because all these “miracles” didn’t do anything for me, doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. I just happen to know my skin and wrinkles and I didn’t see a thing.

In the next few days, I’ll try to review a few of the Anti-Aging remedies (aka wrinkle creams)  out there and we’ll see if they’re half as good as they say.  I’ll also take the time to kind of give you an idea of what types to use by your age.  We’ll see how it goes.