Raw Food and Vegan Diets

Following are a few more diet plans that stand out. It goes to say, make sure you check with your doctor first. These are by all means not the only ones out there, just a few.

The Raw Food Diet – This healthy diet plan is exactly as the name implies. Raw fruits, veggies, and herbs along with their fresh squeezed juices. Raw nuts and seeds. Organic sprouts. Superfoods such as bee pollen, goji, and spirulina.  You can undoubtedly enjoy ultra-fast weight loss and perhaps even sustain a healthy body weight long-term, provided you’re willing to adhere to an “off the beaten path” type of lifestyle.

The goji berry has long been used in holistic medicine for its antioxidant properties that provide a variety of benefits including increased energy and heightened immune function. It has also been said that the berry helps in relaxation, sleep and a feeling of good health and athletic prowess. GojiBerryAdvance  Spirulina is a form of blue-green algae that can provide much of the protein a body needs. It could prevent allergy symptoms, control blood pressure and cholesterol.

Another type of diet is Veganism. Love thy animals, but never on thy dinner plate! Veganism, as most of us know, is a 100% animal-free diet. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily suggest that your diet is healthy, as you could theoretically eat Skittles all day and still be going vegan. Read up on healthy veganism and follow a proven plan. Veganism tends to be a style of life rather than just a diet. http://allrecipes.com has quite a few recipes.

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Interested in the Raw Food Diet? Check out this video from youtube:  My 40lb weight loss on a Raw Food Diet!