Influence Peddler: Vlogger Liah Yoo to Kickoff Skin-Care Brand ‘Krave’

Liah Yoo is South Korean and her products are formulated in South Korea, but don’t call her new skin-care line, Krave, a K-beauty brand.
The vlogger, who specializes in skin care on her YouTube channel “Yellowy Cream,” is about to introduce a range of what she called “functional skin care.” Her take on beauty is less is more — a stark contrast to the 10-step South Korean skin-care routine.
“I really wanted to strip it down to the basics and start from a minimal range,” Yoo said in an interview during her most recent trip to New York. “As a consumer, a lot of young customers start to apply more and more [products on their face], causing more inflammation, chronic skin disease or never curing acne or redness. There’s a fundamental issue in the skin-care industry.”
That’s why she opted to introduce an initial Core Series of “basics” and a Supplement Series, launching just one product from each group to start: a cleanser (Core) and an exfoliator (Supplement). These both go on sale at on Dec. 12. A third product — a sunscreen she’s still perfecting that will fall into the Core Series — will be released in the spring.
Yoo has a

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