Deciem to Unveil The Ordinary With Sephora in U.S., Canada

Deciem — The Abnormal Beauty Company — is ready to make it in America.
In a multipronged approach, Deciem is opening several stand-alone stores in the U.S. in the next few months and launching its most famous brand — The Ordinary — in Sephora. The moves are the company’s first major push into the U.S. market. So far, Deciem’s projected $120 million to $150 million in net sales for 2017 are coming in from smaller markets, like the U.K., Canada, Australia and South Korea. Even without the U.S., Deciem was on track to double in 2018, according to chief executive officer and founder Brandon Truaxe, who in a move in line with his business’s transparency, pulled out the company’s financials on his phone during a meeting at the Plaza Hotel in New York.
“What really excites me is the fact that outside of just some online sales, without really any significant marketing, that number excludes the United States,” Truaxe said. “For most brands, even to get to $20 million — the U.S. is the reason they make it there.”
His personality — frank, genuine, with a dose of whimsy and heap of logic — touches all points of the Deciem brands. “I

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